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Welcome on the website of the

Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l’Amitié

Last update

Start of registrations : May 4, 2021





PRESS RELEASE - March 22, 2021

The situation invites us to communicate to you the current situation of MESA 2021.

Please note that the situation today is not necessarily that of tomorrow.

The opening of the campsites, the use - with mask - but without constraint of the number of public transport, the resumption of the ADEPS walking from April, the next (May) opening of the HORECA confirms us in the idea of maintain the MESA from June 22 to 25, ie in 3 months, to the day. The MESA cell is working hard on this.

Nevertheless and in order to avoid further red tape, registrations will not start before April 20 and possibly later (depending on the dates of the next consultation committees).

The formulas are the same as those offered in 2020: same distances, same camps, same start-finish locations.

For participants in possession of a voucher, registrations will NOT be automatically transferred to the 2021 edition.

In case of cancellation of the MESA 2020 you have been able to opt for a voucher.

If you wish to participate in the MESA 2021, you must register again via Online registration (please use your identification number). The voucher will automatically be discounted from the amount to be paid.

Your personal identification number is stated in the invitation email you will receive.

Certain rules (barrier gestures) will be appropriate and will be communicated to you by the site, the face book or even in the start-finish areas.

In order to limit the flow of walkers, each stage will include a fictitious start (the start-finish zone) and a real start (1 to 1.5 km from the fictitious start).

In order to respect the planet, water will be supplied on the course mainly by water ramp.

Bottles will only be distributed at the start (unless additional points should be deployed due to heatwave).

So if you are not taking a container, keep this bottle to fill it up on the course.

Walkers registered in a camp for 4 days will receive a MESA gourd (which will also be on sale at the MESA Shop for others).

Hope to see many of you in June.

Pedestically yours.

The MESA cell



Good morning all

We do not yet have all the elements in hand to guarantee the activity in June, so we will begin registration on Tuesday May 4th.
Nebulous points :

  • Protocol about camping and lunch facilities ;
  • Protocol about bus transport ;
  • Extra point over outdoor terraces ;

If MESA happend in june, some rules are important to be followed :

  • Respect of COVID rules ;
  • Wear a face mask during bus transport ;
  • Wear a face mask at water refueling and end area ;
  • Real start will be organised after more or less 1 km. Until this, each one have to wear a face mask ;
  • Respect of the catering sector rules. Max 4 people per table and on chair ;

Press release – April 19, 2021

In order to better understand the health situation, the MESA unit has decided to postpone registrations to April 27.

Thanking you for your patience.

Note: MESA 2021 will have to follow the measures published by the federal government

We are counting on you !




… a large-scale sports and friendly event, organized annually in June by the Belgian Defense and the partner cities of the Province of Luxembourg …

… more than 10.000 walkers, of any ages, civilians and servicemen, who discover together the most beautiful paths of the Ardennes…

… a region which mobilizes enthusiastically to welcome ardently the hikers and the nature lovers, putting at their disposal all the wealth of its heritage and its traditions …

… an occasion to remember that not so long ago, cities and villages paid a heavy toll to the war and that their inhabitants, just like the fighters, often behaved like as heroes …

Our objectives

1. Strengthening the ties between the army and the nation.

2. Promoting sport for all and improving fitness, especially by walking.

3. Maintenance of the duty of remembrance in honor of the victims of the two World Wars.

4. Highlighting the historical and tourist heritage of the crossed entities.


And as its name indicates it,

the MESA is first of all a


and friendship

of memory

European march